24/7 Support

At HealthTec, we offer fast,
friendly support… from people
who love to help!

Ever reach out to existing vendors for help, and you are forced to go through multiple levels of people to find an answer, all the while re-explaining your issue at each level? Not here… not with us. Give us details once and we won’t ask again.
Do you ever contact a vendor and the person you communicate with has no idea who you are? Not with HealthTec. We make sure you are assigned support engineers that get to know you, your workflow, and your staff.

We also offer 3 levels of maintenance plans so you can find the best fit for your practice. Don’t need support on nights and weekends? Don’t pay for it. Want to make sure you have access to support around the clock? We’ve got you covered. No matter the choice, you’ll get support from people who have a deep understanding of the product.

All maintenance plans include keeping your software up to date with the latest enhancement and government requirements and certifications.