Dental EHR

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Scheduling & Streamlined

Book, track, and manage patient appointments, staff appointments, meetings, resources, operatories and more from one centralized scheduling window. Set up templates to keep your staff on track with what is allowable. Easily switch between viewing daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, and easily view columns of locations, providers and more. The ability for new or established patients to request appointments through the practice website is available using our Online Appointment Booking System.


  • Template-based to keep scheduling on track according to pre-set practice guidelines
  • Schedule patients, staff, rooms, chairs, equipment
  • Easy access to the entire system right from the scheduler
  • Icons to show whether appointments are confirmed (manually or through text or email responses) and more
  • Easy to create custom views for different staff – any doctor/location combinations are available
  • Use the Waiting Room feature to move patients into slots that open in the schedule and keep your operatories filled

The Check-In process allows your staff to begin tracking the patient throughout your practice from the initial intake until they checkout. Additionally, it helps staff make sure they have collected outstanding balances, collected any necessary signatures for the individual visit, and allows providers to see exactly which patients are ready and waiting for them.

The Check-Out process helps streamline check out including verifying balances, creating follow-up appointments as indicated by the provider, and giving any handouts or educational material requested as part of the care plan.

Procedural and Periodontal Charting

Handle both Procedural Tooth and Periodontal charting with screens designed for efficiency. The system allows existing conditions to be entered and graphically shown. Colors and images can be customized for easy visual interpretation, and completing procedures sends codes to your biller in real-time to help ensure claims go out the door quickly.

  • Organize most-used procedures into short-cut icons for single-click use while charting
  • Customizable colors and graphics
  • System only asks for required information (such as material type, or tooth surfaces) when needed to streamline charting and to eliminate unnecessary data entry
  • Chart pre-existing conditions, treatment planned, or treatment completed
  • Automatically generate proper codes to be sent for billing as procedures are marked as completed

For Periodontal Charting, the full-featured screen dedicated to Periodontal Charting can be customized for the way you document to make charting fast and efficient.

  • Copy user-selected Perio Chart values from a previous visit to save time
  • Record pocket depths and gingival margins
  • Record MGJ measurements, mobility, furcation grades and more
  • Auto-calculate CAL levels to expedite the charting process
  • Much more…

Digital Imaging

We know you need easy and efficient acquisition of digital images, as well as powerful management of those images. Using seamless integration, you have multiple options whether you are keeping your existing imaging equipment, or purchasing new equipment.

Store and manage the following image types:
2D and 3D Imaging
Dental Digital X-Rays
Film X-Rays
Intraoral Camera Images
Digital Camera Shots


Clinical Documentation

The IDS EHR is designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs, no matter the specialty. Template content is provided to get started. However, IDS is designed to allow you to tailor fit clinical documentation to your needs and your own style so the software adapts to the way you work, not the other way around.

Templates used to easily take progress notes can be customized on-the-fly, and encounter notes can be achieved with a few clicks of the mouse, or simply dictated. Create documentation on your computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Practice Management – Billing and Collections

IDS is designed to streamline your billing process for less data entry and faster reimbursement.  Use powerful tools to minimize claim errors, rejections and denials.  Patient statements can be sent electronically, printed or emailed.  Patient ledgers allow views to easily explain patient due amounts, or see the detailed  life of any claim.


The Accounts Receivable Management tools are second to none and allow a user to quickly and easily filter and sort receivables into views that are intelligible and actionable.  Drill down from top line aging by insurance payer down to the patient, claim and line item detail – and back.  The user can set follow-up, color-coded flags, set reminder dates and enter collection notes and alerts that can be seen throughout the system.


  • Claims are built into batches that adhere to all current ANSI/HIPAA standards, and we do not force use of our recommended Clearinghouse
  • Charge entry is organized into a list of patients who have checked out and have yet to be billed for efficiency
  • IDS gives you immediate access to clinical information while billing insurance… and allows you to return instantly to the billing process
  • Accounts receivable management tools allow drill-down capabilities from top-line aging for payers all the way to individual line items that make up the aging.
  • Use your favorite Clearinghouse, or use our recommendations
  • Send patient statements electronically


Claims Management

IDS gives you powerful tools for insight into the entire life cycle of each claim. The system allows you to cut through the claims process to help focus you on just those claims that need your attention.

Just as doctors can document every step of each encounter, billing and collections managers can document every step of the insurance collections process. Screens can quickly be sorted and filtered in a variety of ways, and drilling from top line insurance payer totals down to individual line items that make up individual claims is quick and easy.

  • Claims can be managed at the accounts receivable, claim batch, payer, patient, claim, or even individual line item level
  • Scrubbing rules can be customized to catch common or recurring issues before claims are sent
  • Individual claims can be put on hold and documented so no single claim holds up a claim batch
  • Individual queues for working claims can be created for different team members
  • Easily skip from claims management screens to any other part of the program and immediately return for efficiency of research, or efficient multi-tasking

Electronic Prescriptions/EPCS

For the practice that needs to write prescriptions, IDS offers robust ePrescription tools that automate your prescription workflow. Rx management can be done from a single screen. Tools include an expansive drug formulary, a secure ordering system, automatic patient detail verification, and real-time ePA status tracking and approval.

For controlled substance, IDS offers the Electronic Prescription Controlled Substance (EPCS) module. It is secure, HIPAA-Certified, and offers full hard and soft EPCS token support.

  • Manage the entire ePrescription process from a single screen
  • Process prior authorization requests at the time of prescribing
  • Identify the drugs that offer the best overall value
  • See available discount coupons
  • Instant access to the patients’ medication history
  • Check patient-specific information about the drug

Reporting & Business Analysis

The IDS reports module includes operational, financial, and analytical reports to provide a wealth of business intelligence to your practice. View information to help identify trends, spot developing issues, or identify ways to enhance profitability. Print, export, or simply view reports. IDS allows export of any report in several formats.

Users can create their own organized list of favorite reports, and reports can be scheduled to run automatically. For visual analysis of the practice, a variety of graphical reports are a standard part of the system.

  • Operational, financial, and analytical reports are included to cover every aspect of the practice – whether balancing at the end of day, managing receivables, or making clinical decisions
  • Each user can organize reports needed for their role under My Favorites to save time navigating to their most used reports
  • Commonly used report parameters can be saved to make running reports more efficient
  • Reports can be schedule at a variety of intervals to run themselves, and even email an encrypted copy to designated team members upon completion
  • A variety of graphical reports are available for visual anlysis
  • Most reports can be customized
  • Export any report in a variety of ways including PDF and Spreadsheet for enhanced analysis outside the system

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Built for customization, IDS is software you can truly call your own.

Not only can you customize templates to quickly document any type of visit, but you can mix and match modules so you don’t pay for things you don’t need. Add additional modules at any time.

From imaging to patient engagement, eFaxing, mobile apps and more, handpick the solutions that drive YOUR workflow.